Florida Moonshine

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This page answers the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Florida Moonshine parties, etiquette, limits, who may attend, and more..

What is Florida Moonshine?

We are a group of adults who practice safe, sane, consensual spanking both in and out of a group setting. Spanking and its variations are the only kink we practice at our parties. Other aspects of BD/SM may be of peripheral interest to some members, but they are not welcome in the party room. Our group came into existence in early 2000 and we have already held a number of successful parties with attendance ranging from 15 to 125 people at each one. We operate as a private club, and all prospective new members are subject to the approval of the Florida Moonshine Leadership, whose decisions are final.

Where Does Florida Moonshine Meet?

Florida Moonshine parties are held in the central Florida area.

How Do I Make A Reservation For An Upcoming Party?

We have several parties throughout the year. No matter which party you are attending this information will never change.

In order to make a reservation for a party you must pay the party fee. Once your payment is confirmed your reservation is confirmed.

Each party has a different fee depending on the party itself. Once you have made your reservation the party details such as time and address will be sent to you personally.

There are a couple of ways to make a party payment

You can mail a check or money order.

Make checks or money order payable to:


Then mail your check or mail order to

P.O. Box 411448

Melbourne, FL 32941

When sending your payment please include what the payment is for and who it is from. When including who it is from use the email addy you used on our original application form and your scene you put on your application.

You can also use Pay-pal

Any pay-pal payments should be made to


Please include an additional $5.00 per payment as pay-pal charges a fee. Also include what the payment is for and who it is from. When including who it is from use the email addy you used on our original application form and your scene you put on your application.

Once we have received your payment we will send you a confirmation email that will also include the party details. 

If you do not receive that email promptly please contact us.

Who May Attend Parties?

Men who wish to play with other men will not find our group to their liking, virtually all other spanking people will enjoy and be welcome at our parties. An unlimited number of (M/F) couples may attend. At most of our parties there are usually a couple more men than women. Attendance is controlled so that no major imbalance occurs.

Privacy and Positive Identification

For the safety of our other guests, ALL persons who wish to attend a party MUST provide positive proof of their identity with either a photo drivers' license or passport. We require your real name, mailing address and phone number, to be able to identify you should that be required for any reason. Access to this information will be restricted to the Leaders of FLORIDA MOONSHINE, and not released without your permission, save as noted above. 

This information is provided by you to us through the application form that can be found on this site. No one may attend without an application on file. You may be known at the party under any name you wish, which will be used on your name badge.

What is Allowed at a Florida Moonshine Party?

We are all adults over 18, and the club has no say in what takes place behind closed doors among consenting adults. That said, sex, drinking in excess, drugs, bondage or other fetishes are not permitted in group areas. WE ARE NOT SWINGERS! The only "swinging" that takes place in our party room is the swing of paddles, crops, canes and floggers! 

Gentlemen are expected to be on their best behavior; inappropriate touching or fondling of a lady WILL result in prompt expulsion from the party and the club. NO MEANS NO! You should be aware that some people may play at a level of intensity which may not interest you, or may even offend you, without violating the Code of Conduct. If that happens, simply turn away and observe something else. Just because someone else is getting whipped, don't think that anyone expects you to do it too, but please don't be offended if someone politely asks you either.

You can expect to see spanking with or without implements, over clothes or on the bare bottom, one-on-one or (sometimes) two-on-one. Spanking in the open play area can include M/F, F/F, F/M and more than one spanking can be going on at a time. We may play or organize games to break the ice and get people into a party mood, or we may not! Above all else, HAVE FUN!!

Safety Concerns

Every spankee is required to have a safeword, which in the absence of other arrangements is "SAFEWORD"; spankers are required to instantly and without question STOP if the safeword is used. Use of the safeword terminates the scene. Spankees who fail to shout "SAFEWORD" when their limits are exceeded have only themselves to blame for what may follow. Some people prefer the yellow and red scenario; the bottom uses "yellow" to indicate that he/she wants the top to ease up and "red" to stop the scene. 

Florida Moonshine members may act as private security, primarily to prevent problems of friction between our group and "vanillas" in the same wing of the hotel. While the members of the club can be expected to act as concerned citizens in any situation involving disputes between attendees, including providing physical protection for anyone who may be in fear of another, we are not the police and cannot act as police officers. You should generally comport yourself as you would at any cocktail party or adult social event. Physical violence, anger, verbal abuse or other uncouth behavior is cause for eviction from the party, and even the club.